May 19: Rangers/Astros

Rangers take the field again today at The Park Formerly Known As Enron to try and handle the Astros once again. Remember when the Astros fans were throwing that one World Series appearance when they got swept in our faces? Yeah, how things change.

Heard there were only about 25,000 in Houston for Game 1, and many of them seemed to be cheering when the Rangers did something. Hmmm… Well, I can’t be too judgmental on that, what with the crowds I’ve had to deal with here over the past 15 years. But MAYBE things might be turning around in that regard, and I’ll probably talk about that on a future video.

Man, Robbie Ross just likes to steal wins out of the bullpen, doesn’t he? It’s like he’s saying “You’re making me walk out to the bullpen in this kiddie getup? Well, fine Ill just take your starters’ wins as compensation.” Maybe I should replace the Rowdy Bag with a pink one. Sound good to anyone else?

Well, time to get another win and inch closer to keeping that boot on the North Side. Hey, a Silver Boot’s still gotta be a better trophy than an Iron Skillet, right?


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