A Thorough Argument for Why the Rangers Must Sit Michael Young

The following transcript is a collection of actual conversations from Twitter.com. Except for the ones that aren’t.

@Rangers4Eva Today’s edition of #BaseballTweetin is now open.

@ClawNAntlerz Did you see? Profar finally got the call up to the show!!!

@DieHardRangersSince11 FINALLY!!! How much longer were they going to keep him in AA? He was torching the place at .280 &14HRs!

@ILuvKittenFace He’s starting fro the Rangers tonight, right?

@ClawNAntlerz Uuh, no.

@ILuvKittenFace What? But I saw Andrus is DHing! Who’s as SS then?

@ClawNAntlerz MY is.



@ILuvKittenFace #BenchYonug #TradeYoung #KillYoung

@DieHardRangersSince11 How can they jeep doing this? That guy is the worst player in Tenxasa Rangers history!!!!!!!!!!

@ILuvKittenFace Worse than Benji Gil worse than Esteban German worse than Oil Can Boyd

@Rangers4Eva He’s ruining the season! #thisteamsucks

@ClawNAntlerz Yeah, Rangers only have 78 wins now! We’d have al least 90 if they’d shut him down a month ago

@Rangers4Eva Why do people keep playing him? Just because he won a batting title & has 6 200-hit seasons? Hits & avg are worthless

@ILuvKittenFace Yeah, anyone who isn’t a baseball moron knows that rWAR is the absolute most important stat in the history of the game! And his is the worst ever!!!

@DieHardRangersSince11 It’s so important that not even the baseball announcers can fathom how great it is that’s why they never bring it up.

@ClawNAntlerz The bring it up on ESPN Baseball Tonight all the time.

@Rangers4Eva Of course, ESPN knows what it’s doing, that’s why they show nothing but Yankees and Mike Trout highlights and nothing on the #Rangers!!

@ILuvKittenFace But they know their sabermetrics, and those are the most important things in baseball!

@Rangers4Eva Because they were concocted but the greatness of Bily Bean and the As, and look what it did for them

@DieHardRangersSince11 Yeah, all those division titles and first round exits mean something was working

@Rangers4Eva Why did we get stuck with the worst manager in all of baseball? #WashIsAMoron

@ClawNAntlerz He doesn’t have a damn clue how to put his foot down & manage a game. He’s just a good “people person”

@DieHardRangersSince11 And that never works. You need someone who will always be tough and not be friends with “his boys.”

@ILuvKittenFace Like Bobby V?

@DieHardRangersSince11 Exactly like Bobby V! Look at how he put his foot down in that Red Sox clubhouse!

@ClawNAntlerz Sure the Sox are 15 games out now, but now that he got all their big stars out ©

@ClawNAntlerz (c) he’ll have that team back in no time #RedSox2013WSChamps

@ILuvKittenFace I can’t believe the Rangers won’t listen to fans like us.

@Rangers4Eva Yeah, we should know. From all the years of losing baseball, we should know what works in the game

@ClawNAntlerz Instead we’re stuck with a team that just loses the World Series every Year #Losers #RangersSuck

@DieHardRangersSince11 And gets no respect. Really, FOX? Airing the Nationals game instead of us?

@Rangers4Eva Why won’t anyone give this team their due credit? #StupidNationalMedia


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