Why there was no Rowdy Time Pregame

For those wondering, yes, there was supposed to be a video post previewing tonight’s wild card playoff game between the Rangers and the Orioles that I would have rushed to put up before game time and then hopefully found a way into the Ballpark.

Sadly, as I was headed to the Ballpark this afternoon looking for a good place to park, a too familiar pain in my side started acting up. At about 2:30 pm I instead headed toward Arlington Memorial Hospital and checked myself into the emergency room with what I was certain was kidney stones. I spent much of the day in a hospital bed recovering. It wasn’t until about 6:45 that I checked out, and since I was till on medication (my father had to pick me up), I instead had to settle on watching the game from my family’s house.

HAd the Rangers won tonight, I would have made plans to try the video post again for the first Division Series game. As for what happened tonight… I’ll discuss that later.


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