Rowdy Time Moving On?

As you are aware, I have not posted anything on this blog site in a while, largely due to the unfortunate way the rangers season ended. I could have loaded this blog with my standard rants about the supposed lack of support and faith DFW has in baseball, but I chose not to.

The main thing is that, as the season prepare to change, I have had to consider where to go with this site, especially with other sports beginning (not football; I think you all know where I stand there). This blog was created as part of MLB’s fan blogs. While I have no confirmation as to whether or not MLB doesn’t want its fan bloggers posting about things other than baseball, I feel that I should break away to more easily show that my support and knowledge does indeed extend past baseball.

This is why I am creating a new blog site that will be more receptive to sports year round. Once this new site is firmly established, I will send this information to you all.

Until then, stay Rowdy, my friends.

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